• Dreaming away on top of the Sint-Pietersberg

Sparkling wines from Maastricht soil!


Our Process

The winemakers

The vineyard and its maintenance is in the hands of Joris Dassen (and many enthusiastic volunteers).

Almost the entire production process is performed manually.

From the moment the grape bunches are harvested, they are pressed in the center of Maastricht and processed into our wines by winemaker Ralph Huydts in the Raarberg winery (Alexander Battalaan).


In order to produce as sustainably as possible, we no longer use pesticides under the trunks. Instead, we use a tractor with finger weeder (plastic
"fingers" that continuously stir the soil and thus keep it free of weeds).

Locally produced

The grapes are processed locally at Ralph's production location in the Alexander Battalaan in the center of Maastricht.

Taste it in the region

RestaurantSOFA pour our Pieter Brut if you want to taste (located onEstate Castle De Hoogenweerth).

The harvest


Every year in September, harvesting is done by hand, traditionally in a cozy setting. We celebrate this harvest together with friends and volunteers who help us with the harvest.

​These harvests are celebrated with a hearty breakfast as a good start to the day, coffee and pie during the break and of course a lunch with a nice glass of bubbly!

Sign up as a volunteer!

At the end of the picking day, we will look at the press process in the Alexander Battalaan together! In short, a unique day!

If you are interested in being on the list, please register on this website. We will communicate the picking dates with you 2 weeks before the picking and then you can choose when you want to participate.

Art and Architecture

The architecture of the house is a combination of art and spartan architecture. An open construction of 350 year old bollards (from the port of Rotterdam) on top of a concrete "bunker" that was built 8 meters deep into the mountain.

SpronkenHouse Spain - related architecture


small scale

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